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Re: ifconfig, vlan support

On Monday 09 September 2002 16.39, Akshay Adhikari wrote:
> hi,
> I cannot seem to find which program/script sources the
> /etc/network/network.conf file.
> Does the dhclient program read it, or is there a startup script which
> reads it?

/usr/init.d/network and /usr/init.d/dhclient both sources it,
they are installed from packages/initscripts/network and 

> also, i compiled the 2.4.14 kernel with vlan support. apart from building
> vconfig for the cris, what other steps will i have to take to enable
> vlan support on the devboard_lx?

I guess you should add support for enabling the larger 
packets (1522 instead of 1518).
Don't know what the API should look like, but I remember seeing 
something about it on the linux-kernel list, or simply add an ifdef on the
VLAN config (it's the max_size field in R_NETWORK_REC_CONFIG)
There are probably a few other things that should be changed in the 
ethernet driver:
E.g. increasing MAX_MEDIA_DATA_SIZE to 1522 if VLAN is enabled.

> TIA,
> akshay