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RE: Flash recommendations for MCM design


When will the next release be available as we are looking at adding in
more flash to our MCM based design at the moment. In the case we have to
use the current dev_board lx release I assume then we will have to
purchase Atmel AT49BV161 2MB devices (same as in the MCM) to get our
design to work. Is this correct?

Is there any requirement for the MCM in terms of coding and drivers etc
that differs from the current release of the devboard lx code?



On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 17:26, Jonas Holmberg wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend an 8MB flash chip for use in a custom MCM design?
> > We're hoping someone has made such a design work or could at 
> > least offer
> > suggestions to minimize potential hardware interfacing and 
> > software driver
> > problems.
> I know that Toshiba TC58FVT641FT-10 works with ETRAX 100LX so it should
> work with the MCM as well.
> The drivers of the latest devboard_lx release does not handle multiple
> flash chips unless they are of the same size (and the same model in some
> cases). But the next release will make it possible to have completely
> different chips on CSE0 and CSE1.
> Best regards
> /Jonas
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