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RE: Flash recommendations for MCM design

> When will the next release be available as we are looking at adding in
> more flash to our MCM based design at the moment.

I cannot give you any date yet, but I'm currently working on it.

> In the case  we have to
> use the current dev_board lx release I assume then we will have to
> purchase Atmel AT49BV161 2MB devices (same as in the MCM) to get our
> design to work. Is this correct?

With the MCM and the current release you should be able to use any 2MB
chip that is recognized by the driver
(os/linux/drivers/mtd/chips/amd_flash.c) and if it isn't in the table
in the driver you can easily add it after a quick glance at the
datasheet of the particular chip.

> Is there any requirement for the MCM in terms of coding and 
> drivers etc
> that differs from the current release of the devboard lx code?

The only thing I can think of is that you need to configure the kernel
to use SDRAM instead of DRAM.