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Changing flash

I've been using a walkthrough on how change flash-memory on my
etrax-board. The walkthrough can be found at:

Firstly:   the names of the variables in the struct seems to be
out-of-date and are not being used anymore. I've changed these to what I
think are the correct names. The file, flash.c, now compiles without any
complaints. (e.g. bootsectorsize is now boot_sector_size)

Secondly:  the walkthrough says that I should edit a prodspec file to be
able to use the extra memory. Before editing I'm supposed to run a "make"
followed by "make install". Make install doesn't run and returns the
message "... no rule to make target...". Is this makefile supposed to create
the prodspec file? If so, how should I use it to make it run correctly?

Btw, I'm using the AM29LV320DT flash-memory, which is the same as in the

Johan Gustavsson