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cannot compile simple "Hello world" program

Hello ,

  I'm having a problem compiling a simple "Hello world" program for
  our AXIS 2100 camera.

  After compiling and installing the Developer Board Software (the
  standard one, not LX or BT) on my SuSE Linux 7.2 installation I
  followed exactly the steps described in the article "How to Write
  and Build Applications"
  ( http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/apps/apps-howto.html ).
  After that I uploaded the "hello" executable via FTP to the camera
  to /mnt/flash (I did _not_ use the top-level Makefile method).

  So far everything works fine, no error messages are printed.

  However, if I try to run the executable via telnet ("./hello") it
  only claims that the file does not exist, but I'm absolutely sure
  that the file exists and that I did chmod 755. It seems that when
  the shell can't start the executable (maybe because the file format
  is incorrect) it always says "no such file or directory".

  Then, instead of using "make cris-axis-linux-gnu" I tried to build
  the "Hello world"-application using "make elinux" and again
  uploading the application to the same camera folder.

  When I now run the application it says:

    Sash (version 2.2)
    147# cd /mnt/flash
    147# ./hello
    /lib/libucc.a not found
    pid 148: killed (signal 9)

  From what I understand to upload libucc.a to the camera /lib folder
  I need to re-make the ROM image of the camera but I don't know if
  that is possible without the "developer board" (I only have the
  camera itself).

  What's going wrong here? How can I get work this simple program?

  Unfortunately I don't know if the camera has an ETRAX 100 or an
  ETRAX 100LX onboard. That's why I used the standard developer board
  software, as it should work on all camera types. By the way, how can
  I find out the correct processor type?

  Camera: AXIS 2100
  Linux 2.0.38, gcc 2.7.2 (Kernel build Jan 10, 2002)

  Any held would be appreciated.

  Udo Giacomozzi