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ETRAX BUG, Linux 2.4.19 and cris-dist.1.22

Dear Mikael,

Concerning the ETRAX Ethernet overrun bug, we have a similar behavior on our
platform based on ETRAX100LX: our throughput over the network is about 10
mbit/sec and the problem randomly (2 min. - 8 hours) but systematically

We know that the problem has been fixed in 2.4.19 Linux kernel. However we
cannot test it without the proper cris-dist release. (as you know cris-dist
1.22 is not compliant with 2.4.19 kernel).

We wonder whether you could deliver us such new software even if in beta
version. If it was not possible to access the beta version, please tell us
when the official version is expected to be released.

As soon as we have it, we can understand if our problem is caused by this
bug or if we have to find the solution somewhere else.

Thank you in advance.

Stefano Vicenzetto

Via Lombardia 15
20048 Carate Brianza (MI)
Tel  +39/0362 94.51.1
Fax +39/0362.94.5151