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Re: I/O hw issue

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Ronny L Nilsson wrote:

> Hi
> We've got a qustion about the Etrax I/O ports hw. Do they have any 
> internal pull-up's which is by default active at power on?
> Regards
> /Ronny

No, there are no internal pull-ups or pull-downs on any of the ETRAX 100/
ETRAX 100LX ports.

The sink/source current of an input (or output in the 'off' state)
is limited by the maximum leakage current specified in the 
designer's reference chapter 20, i.e. +/- 10 uA.

If you use the old ETRAX 100, you should also note that there is an
increased leakage current when the input voltage exceeds Vdd,
due to a not so perfect implementation of the 5 V-tolerance.
This has been fixed in ETRAX 100LX.

Per Zander