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RE: How to clear external interrupt by software ?

>so the sentence: "This can be done by software only" means:
>'the software has to inform the hardware to reset the interrupt'
>is that correct?

Even more correct would be "The software has to inform the
external device to reset the interrupt"

>The problem is that the hardware has to be informed by a complex procedure (including ECP transfer) which can't be >done in the interrupt service routine. Is there a way to mask this interrupt for some time?

Sure. The interrupt can be masked with
*R_IRQ_MASK0_CLR = IO_STATE(R_IRQ_MASK0_CLR, irq_int_vector_nr, clr);
and then unmasked with
*R_IRQ_MASK0_SET = IO_STATE(R_IRQ_MASK0_SET, irq_int_vector_nr, set);