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R: network throughput

> Between 2.4.14 and 2.4.19 a bug in the ETRAX has been detected.
> This bug can cause problems at Ethernet overrun. This bug
> has been workarounded in 2.4.19 (by calling prepare_rx_descriptor).

We have a similar behavior on our platform based on ETRAX100LX: our
throughput over the network is about 10
mbit/sec and the problem randomly (2 min. - 8 hours) but systematically

We cannot test kernel 2.4.19 without the proper cris-dist release. (we
understand from axis support that latest cris-dist
1.22 is compliant with 2.4.14 but not with 2.4.19).

Is there anyone who has successfully installed it?


Stefano Vicenzetto