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RE: off topic: 9 bit serial communication

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> Sent: vrijdag 4 oktober 2002 14:27

> > How is one supposed to use 9bit serial communication? CS9 is not
> > and I can't even work out how to use mark/space parity for this, since I
> > don't know how to get parity error information back to userspace.
> Although ETRAX support MARK/SPACE parity I haven't found a
> standard Linux way to configure that, so I guess you have
> to use ODD/EVEN depending on what you send unless you tweak that.

I don't like to hack around with standard kernelcode too much, so I might
resort to implementing a line discipline that receives / transmits
16 bit values to/from userspace instead of 8 bit values.
I'll let the line discipline adjust the parity depending on what is sent,
and hope I don't receive data while changing the parity, in order to
be able to determine what the 9th bit would have been...

Thanks for your help.