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Re: R: cris-dist-1.22 and 2.4.19 (was: Re: R: network throughput)

When you tried using the files from 2.4.19, was the error about
prepare_rx_descriptor? Probably you need to copy over
one more file: asm-cris/svinto.h from
2.4.19, that has the declaration for it. 


On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Stefano Vicenzetto wrote:

> dear sirs,
> concerning our question on kernel 2.4.19 and cris-dist 1.22 compatibility,
> we received two independent answers (see below), but unfortunately they did
> not solve the problem.
> on our side 1st answer is not good because the proposed solution generates
> the compile errors reported in the attach.
> we already tried also the suggestion of the 2nd answer, but again the
> compiling process fails right on these two files(no report available here).
> we disabled fast serial dma flush as well.
> we need to know if something is wrong in our compiling procedures or in your
> instructions.
> if the problem were not on our side, we wonder whether axis could give an
> official position and an expected delivery date for a new cris-dist version
> fully compliant with the linux kernel 2.4.19.
> thanks
> regards
> Stefano Vicenzetto
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------
> Comerson's Question:
> We cannot test kernel 2.4.19 without the proper cris-dist release. (we
> understand from axis support that latest cris-dist
> 1.22 is compliant with 2.4.14 but not with 2.4.19).
> Answer 1 (from Axis):
> I don't know about any such problems.  If stock 2.4.14 compiled
> without problems with cris-dist-1.22, then stock 2.4.19 should
> also compile without problems.  There may of course be other
> problems, unrelated to the cris-dist release.  I'll ask, unless
> I'm somhow informed soon.
> brgds, H-P
> Answer 2 (from Akshay):
> try using just arch/cris/drivers/ethernet.c and arch/cris/mm/init.c from
> 2.4.19 in your 2.4.14 source - and
> ofcourse, disable fast serial dma flush. I had not tested exhaustively,
> but it had seemed to work. (right now, though, i am using the original
> 2.4.14 release with the old cris-dist, the only change being disabling
> fast serial dma flush, and things are working fine.)
> akshay