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Re: R: cris-dist-1.22 and 2.4.19 (was: Re: R: network throughput)

> From: "Stefano Vicenzetto" <s.vicenzetto@xxxxxxx.com>
> Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 16:37:29 +0200

> concerning our question on kernel 2.4.19 and cris-dist 1.22 compatibility,
> we received two independent answers (see below), but unfortunately they did
> not solve the problem.
> on our side 1st answer is not good because the proposed
> solution

There is confusion here.  I did not propose (did not mean to
propose) a solution; by "stock" I meant that you used a kernel
*and patches* other than those included or mentioned in the
devboard_lx release.  So "stock 2.4.14" would mean a 2.4.14
kernel without the patches in devboard_lx-2.1.0.

> generates
> the compile errors reported in the attach.

Please avoid using MS Word format documents in this forum.

> we already tried also the suggestion of the 2nd answer, but again the
> compiling process fails right on these two files(no report available here).
> we disabled fast serial dma flush as well.
> we need to know if something is wrong in our compiling procedures or in your
> instructions.

From what I could understand from your attachment, there were
errors resulting from the "install" script trying to patch the
2.4.19 kernel with patches for 2.4.14.  You need to at least
remove the code in the "install" script that applies that patch,
so that you use 2.4.19 *without* patches.  I don't know if that
works, however.

> if the problem were not on our side, we wonder whether axis could give an
> official position and an expected delivery date for a new cris-dist version
> fully compliant with the linux kernel 2.4.19.

The problems you describe are unrelated to the compiler version.
I doubt there are any cris-dist-problems compiling 2.4.19; we
use it locally without problems.  You are probably rather
looking for a devboard_lx release.

> ------------------------------------
> Comerson's Question:
> We cannot test kernel 2.4.19 without the proper cris-dist release. (we
> understand from axis support that latest cris-dist
> 1.22 is compliant with 2.4.14 but not with 2.4.19).
> Answer 1 (from Axis):
> I don't know about any such problems.  If stock 2.4.14 compiled
> without problems with cris-dist-1.22, then stock 2.4.19 should
> also compile without problems.  There may of course be other
> problems, unrelated to the cris-dist release.  I'll ask, unless
> I'm somhow informed soon.
> brgds, H-P
> Answer 2 (from Akshay):
> try using just arch/cris/drivers/ethernet.c and arch/cris/mm/init.c from
> 2.4.19 in your 2.4.14 source - and
> ofcourse, disable fast serial dma flush. I had not tested exhaustively,
> but it had seemed to work. (right now, though, i am using the original
> 2.4.14 release with the old cris-dist, the only change being disabling
> fast serial dma flush, and things are working fine.)

This suggestion (answer 2) together with the include files
suggestion in a later message sounds like a working solution.

brgds, H-P