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ftp flash problem


I got the following problem with 'put fimage flash_all':

227 Entering Passive Mode (10,220,221,40,12,0)
150-Saving parameters.
150-Going to single user mode.
150-Allocating memory.
150 Opening data connection.

Here it hangs (>5min) so I pres Ctrl-C and:

send aborted
waiting for remote to finish abort
550 Partition table differs from flash partition table. Verify file and try 

The flashitall script works just fine - but it's annoying having to disect 
every single dev-server.

Anyone ?

Regards - John

email: john.bindby@xxxxxxx.se 
web: http://www.botech.se 
phone: +46 (0)40-30 77 51 
fax: +46 (0)40-22 98 98