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RE: device platform casing

> issue I'm having is, I want to make the program I wrote part of the
> system.
> How do I upload and get it to be embedded?

Just like I explained below. If you follow the document up to where you have created
the fimage (using "make images") then your application should be in the read-only
cramfs filesystem (aka romfs) in the fimage. The just FTP it to the board using the
target name "flash" and the FTP server will upgrade the kernel and cramfs part of the
flash for you. (See also
<http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/tools/network_boot.html> which explains
the fimage layout).


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> > regarding this ftp, can I redo the rom too like you can with a
> > mode boot? How do I do it, steps wise?
> Just like in
> but instead of running  "./flashit" (which "network boots" the fimage)
> you do:
> ftp your_devboard
> (login as user "root", password "pass)
> ftp> bin
> ftp> put fimage flash
> Then just wait and watch the messages until its ready.
> /Jonas