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RE: kernel update

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> Subject: kernel update

> I'm supposed to write an application which transfers scientific
> measurement data over ethernet in real time.
> 1. Do I need to update the kernel in ETRAX-chip in order to design real
> time applications or is the standard kernel adequate?

Depends on which parts of the system you want to be realtime.
For example, you can't expect to receive the measurements realtime
over ethernet, no matter what you try.
So what I might do is try to get the measurements timestamped as soon
as possible, before processing / forwarding them.
I think in that case, writing a kerneldriver that assigns a timestamp
to each measurement as soon as it comes in might be allright, even with
the standard kernel.

> 2. Is it even possible to update the kernel by my self?
Sure, you find it in the os/linux path under your devboard_lx.
(supposed you took all the necessary steps to build your development
environment, like explained in the howtos)
Type 'make menuconfig' (in os/linux) to have a look at the current kernel

> I also want to know that can I update the web page in chip somehow? I
> tried it once, but chip responded that the filesystem is read-only type.

Most parts of the filesystem are readonly (compressed image, loaded from
flash into ram at bootup), but the remaining free space of the flash is 
mounted on /mnt/flash