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RE: missing files?

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> Subject: missing files?

> I started to wonder, should there be some files in os-directory in
> devboard_lx software directory tree?

You have to put a 2.4.14 kernel sourcetree under devboard_lx/os.
describes which steps you should take to get a working develop
> Could some explain how to use top-level makefiles, because the
> instructions that came with development board are so confusing (at least
> for me) that I don't know which instruction belongs to which make event.
> For example, I have no idea when I should use "make install" or "make
> images" command. And in which directory?

In the same howto, you'll find that the easiest way to get started is
to run ./install in the devboard_lx directory.
(if you want to perform these steps manually, check what's inside the 
install script)