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ELF: not found (after kernel recompilation)

I have been attempting to add a simple driver for the devboard_lx that
uses the 16 data lines from lp0 and lp1, based heavily on the lcd
display example. I have managed to make the kernel compile my driver
without complaints, but am now having problems testing it. The first
trouble I have is that when I attempt to run user programs with the
new kernel (even those that don't use the new driver), I receive an

ELF: not found

These programs work fine with the original kernel. I rebuilt the system
from scratch using;

make tools
make kernel
make elinux
make install
make images

I didn't modify any makefiles, or use any fancy options. So what am I doing

Second question...

How do I handle the DMAs in head.S when adding a driver that uses pins from
both lp0 and lp1? 


Sam Silverstein
Stockholm University