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RE: Pthread, Stl and DDD

> From: Nabil DAHER [mailto:ndaher@xxxxxxx.com] 
> Sent: den 23 oktober 2002 16:04
> To: dev-etrax
> Subject: Pthread, Stl and DDD

> I develop a multitask software using pthread and stl (option added to 
> compiler are: -lpthread  -D_REENTRANT -lstdc++).
> When can I debug remotely this software with ddd on the devboard lx ?

I'm not sure, but I don't think that the version of gdbserver included in the devboard release supports debugging multithreaded programs.
> When I use a static mode link (-static) the file output is 
> too big and I 
> can't make images (2,2 MO) because it's include symbols table for gdb.

Since you are cross-debugging you don't actually need the debug info in the ELF file on the target system. It is sufficient that the ELF file that GDB on the host reads contains this information. 

You could also place the binary on a NFS mounted file system during debugging.