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RE: missing features.h

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> From: Hans-Peter Nilsson [mailto:hans-peter.nilsson@xxxxxxx.com]
> Sent: donderdag 24 oktober 2002 16:43
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> Subject: Re: missing features.h

> Once I removed the naked "int" and "char *" in main () (to avoid
> the warnings), it compiled fine using "gcc-cris -mlinux ub.c -o
> ub" with and without "-D_BSD_SOURCE -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500".

I have to apologise, it was a stupid mistake of mine. 
I had a typo in my makefiles, they had -DBSD_SOURCE without 
the leading underscore...

Funny thing is that indeed even without both defines CRTSCTS
I needed _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 for several features
(among which rwlocks), but that cost me CRTSCTS. 
So I need to define _BSD_SOURCE as well in order to get 
CRTSCTS back...

Anyway, it works fine now. Thanks a lot.