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RE: RE: RE: 2.4.19 and GDB 5.2.1 released at developer.axis.com

Yes, that has been changed. I agree that there is an inconsistency
between asm/rtc.h and the generic linux/rtc.h. hwtestrc only
includes asm/rtc.h so that application should get the correct
values. Do you have your own application that includes

Maybe we should revert this change to make it compatible
with the generic interface. I will look into this.
In the meanwhile you can modify asm/rtc.h locally.

There is a problem to use the general linux/rtc.h since
it does not define RTC_SET_CHARGE. 

PS. The Magic number is also different. DS


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mikael.starvik@xxxxxxx.com schreibt:
>I have attached a modified kernel config. Please notify me about any
>other installation problem you have with this patch.

The RTC ioctrls are no longer working, I always get an error 515
(ENOIOCTRLCMD). It seems that the definitions have changed  in the 2.4.19
kernel for Cris but not in the include/linux directory. If I rebuild the
application (e.g. hwtestrtc) the old values (0x9 - 0xb) will be used
instead of the new values from <asm/rtc.h> (0x01-0x03).

	Arne Bockholdt