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RE: I2C bus speeds


Yes, I2C is implemented in software. With correctly tuned software
it is probably possible to reach 3.4 MBit/s. The current I2C driver
uses a lot of udelay() calls because some I2C devices are really
slow. The performance of the current implementation is therefore
not more than approx 1 kbits/s.

PS. I2C is normally intended for management purpose only and 
therefore the performance is not critical. DS.

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Can anyone tell me what speed the I2C bus is when the AXIS is used as an 
I2C master?  100kbits/s? 400kbits/s (fast)? or 3.4 Mbits/s (high speed)?

I can't seem to find this info in the AXIS specs.

As far as I can tell the I2C master implementation on the AXIS is in 
software, so that probably means it isn't that fast...


Behan Webster