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Re: ETRAX 100LX OS-less: more problems

Hi again,

On Monday 04 November 2002 13.46, ulf.sjostedt@xxxxxxx.se wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> Well, it pretty much works, apart from two nagging details.
> My setup first:
> One 100LX running Linux.  This has a simple program which shuffles
> data between the Ethernet and serial ports.
> One 100LX without OS.  This performs the same basic function, but
> it inspects packets and only allows some of them through.
> The boxes are linked over a serial line.  Each is connected to a
> LAN (not the same one).
> Both boxes send debug information on the serial 2 port.
> The one running Linux I will refer to as the "inside", while the other
> one is the "outside".
> Problem number one occurs when I boot the "outside" machine up
> while the "inside" machine is running my program.
> During the "outside" boot, the "inside" machine starts screaming
> "copy_descr_data: Buffer overflow!  512 bytes did not fit".  It says
> this many times (the number of bytes varies) and then the debug
> port hangs.  From what I can tell, the machine is still operational.
> My program still runs and does its job, but nothing is sent to the
> debug port.  Ever again.  I'm using minicom on a Linux PC to talk
> to the 100LXes, and restarting minicom doesn't help.
> Ultimately, of course, there will be no debug port open, so this is
> not a very big deal, but it is annoying.

Try this:
You should set the txd bit in the CTRL / TR_CTRL registers to 1
for all the ports, and preferably do that before you write to
the PA and PB registers to prevent glitches on the serial line.