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RE: Problems with lp0

Sorry to keep bugging people with this but i'm having real problems with gpiog

Okay so i've now successfully got gpiog in the /dev directory

however i cannot open it

I've tried 
  devfd = open("/dev/gpiog", O_RDWR);
and it returns -1

I've also tried on the command line
  echo "1234" > /dev/gpiog
and it replies: "cannot create /dev/gpiog: error 22

Do i need to change any permissions for the device?  Is this anything i've missed?  The permissions are set at 0666 (crw-rw-rw-).

Please help - i'm desperate!!

Thank you.... Jonathan (again)

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Have you run make install after you added the line in the Makefile?

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Hi Johan, Would just like to say thanks for all your help.

I'm still having one problem though.  gpiog is not in my /dev directory.  I just have gpioa and gpiob

I have GPIO support enabled in menuconfig (parallel support disabled) and I've added the following line to ~/axis/devboard_lx/packages/devices/axis2.4/Makefile:
	@$(MKNOD) -m 0666		$(DEV)/gpiog	c 120  3

but still to no avail....

Does anyone know how to get the gpiog device driver installed?

Thanks - Jonathan

>You must use 2.4.19 and the patch from developer.axis.com for /dev/gpiog to