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Re: Problems with lp0

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From: "Jonathan Wilkinson" <jonathan@xxxxxxx.uk>
To: <johana@xxxxxxx.com>; "Dev-etrax mailing list (E-mail)"
Sent: den 6 november 2002 16:42
Subject: RE: Problems with lp0

> My gpio.c says version 1.12, do i need to download a new patch or
> I downloaded the latest kernel this morning and then did a ./install
> i had the wrong patch or something?

As I breifly mentioned in my second mail, you must use 2.4.19 from
www.kernel.org and patch it with linux.2.4.19-diff.tgz from

Note that 2.4.19 is not yet part of any devboard_lx release.

Follow the patch instructions in the README file you get after doing
tar xvzf linux.2.4.19-diff.tgz

> in gpio.c the version number stated at the top of the file says 1.12  so
how do i get 1.13?
> I added the printk(...) line to gpio_open but the line is never printed
when i try and open the device.  I did recompile the kernel when i changed
it.  so do you think it's not even getting to the gpio_open part?
> >How do you do it on the redhat box?
> >Is it using the Linux framework or accessing the port directly?
> >Try compiling and using the same tool on the devboard.
> Well i've done it two ways on Redhat - 1 using outb and the other using
> neither seemed to work/compile on the axis

outb won't work since it access the PC specific parport registers.
What do you mean with lp0? Is that a tool or the device?
How do yo use the device?

Anyway - getting the 2.4.19 kernel and patching it should get you going
with /dev/gpiog