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shell problems: export segfaults

I just started developing for the axis boards, so this is maybe
a known error. But:

[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]349# sh
[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]377# FOO=bar; export FOO
Segmentation fault
[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]349#

[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]349# sh
[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]380# export FOO=bar
Segmentation fault
[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]349#


[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]349# sh
[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]383# builtin export FOO=bar
[root@axis1 /mnt/flash/etc]383# echo $FOO

I tried to set up an additional lib directory for dynamic linking
(I installed kaffe into a nfs-mounted directory) that caused the

Besides kaffe, this is the unmodified sdk v1.22, freshly downloaded
and compiled with kernel 2.4.14

I will try to set up a debugger session to see more closely what happens
(in case I have some spare time).

Apart from that, the system works like a charm :)

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