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Par Port


I'm quite new in ETRAX development. I'd like to make an application
that will take data via lp0 and RS ports and send it using TCP/IP. I
faced with few problems.

For a fast data acquisition I am going to use lp0. I've downloaded a
2.4.19 kernel and a patch for it, enabled par port support and now I
am trying to send (just for beginning) some data using

   echo somedata >/dev/lp0

I can see the signals and the strobe by an oscilloscope the strobe is
2.5us, but the manual (chapter 14) says I could change it. I connected
ACK and BUSY signals to GND, so the "device" is always ready :)

So I've made the following

*R_PAR0_DELAY = 0;

in the initialisation routine in the arch/cris/driver/parport.c. But I
still have 2.5us strobe width.

Has anybody solved this problem?

Thank you.

Best regards,