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RE: ETRAX version

There are three different revisions of ETRAX 100LX. The 
functionality and capabilities are the same except for 
a few bugs. On the chip you will find a number that tells
you the revision (you may have to remove the label).

17511: Revision 1
17854: Revision 2
18816: Revision 3

Revision 1 has a number of bugs mostly related to USB and the
synchronous serial port.
Revision 2 has one fatal bug in USB

None of these bugs should be visible on a developer board if you
don't use the synchronous serial port.


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How can I tell, for sure, if an ETRAX chip is an LX-1 or LX-2? When I cat 
/proc/cpuinfo it says I have an LX-2. I thought rev 2 wasn't released yet.

What's on the devboard ?

What are the major differences between the two versions ?

FYI: I'm using the patched 2.4.19 kernel.