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problem booting up new board


I have a brand new "Axis Device Server Platform" Product No.0137-001-02 ser
no. 00408c5c89b9.
I have followed instructions regarding arp/ping to set the ip address.
However, that has not worked. I have checked my cables, and my network
(which is my own private network) and both network and cables are fine. I
have even reset my pc to a 192.38.253.xx (friendly with your board's
default) with no success. I have read some of the posts on this forum
regarding this issue. I have tried to connect using the debug port at COM2
at 115200,8,N,1, from a windows 98 hyperterminal. Still no response. I have
tried COM1, I have reset the board several times, but no luck getting
anywhere. The only thing I can see is that the green led stays lit when
there is power, and blinks when I press and release the reset button. I
understand that there is another led, but that hasn't turned on under any of
my scenarios.

I am running out of time - our project is blocked by the failure of this
board to boot. What next- please help.

Dave Rovner