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RE: problem booting up new board


Is there any output on the serial ports during boot-up at all?
(connect to hyper terminal or sermon with 115200 baud, no parity,
eight databits and one stopbit)

If no debug is printed your card is either empty or broken. 

You can try to load new code in your card by following the 
instructions on http://developer.axis.com/doc/software/devboard_lx/install-howto.html
and then load the code with boot_linux -F.


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I have a brand new "Axis Device Server Platform" Product No.0137-001-02 ser
no. 00408c5c89b9.
I have followed instructions regarding arp/ping to set the ip address.
However, that has not worked. I have checked my cables, and my network
(which is my own private network) and both network and cables are fine. I
have even reset my pc to a 192.38.253.xx (friendly with your board's
default) with no success. I have read some of the posts on this forum
regarding this issue. I have tried to connect using the debug port at COM2
at 115200,8,N,1, from a windows 98 hyperterminal. Still no response. I have
tried COM1, I have reset the board several times, but no luck getting
anywhere. The only thing I can see is that the green led stays lit when
there is power, and blinks when I press and release the reset button. I
understand that there is another led, but that hasn't turned on under any of
my scenarios.

I am running out of time - our project is blocked by the failure of this
board to boot. What next- please help.

Dave Rovner