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RE: pcb test problem


The normal testing procedure is:

1. Put the card in network boot mode
2. Apply power 
3. Check that the link LED on the hub goes active
   If the LED doesn't go active it may be caused by: 
   1. ETRAX is not in boot mode
   2. The clock to the transceiver is not running
   3. The ETRAX Clock PLL is not correctly tuned
4. Connect a serial port to a terminal program
5. Download firmware (with boot_linux -F)
6. Check output on serial port and messages from
7. If boot_linux finishes but the software doesn't
   start up it is usually a memory configuration

If you need assistance in getting your board up and
running you can contact fredrik.norrman@xxxxxxx.com


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    Now I am  using  the etrax 100lx to develope  access point.i have made a  pcb and read the document on step by step guide to development,such as get the developer running,install the SDK.
I am going to test my pcb,the problem is that the document above is related to the software,can you give me  advice or document on how to test my pcb? thanks!
    best regards!