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RE: pcb test problem

I have been planning to write a document that gives some tip how to debug the a brand new PCB.
This haven't been done yet, but I'll give you some hints below.

* Check that the power is 3.3V.
* Check that the 20 MHz clock input to ETRAX looks OK.
* Verify that the Control signals (rerun_, reset_, nmi_, wait_ and irq_) have correct values. 
* Try to put the board in network boot mode. BS1 low and BS2 high. ETRAX should now output a 25 MHz
clock on pin TXER (U12). Check the read strobe for movement.
* Are you getting a network link? (I assume you have an Ethernet transceiver).
If you are using SDRAM you can get help setting the R_SDRAM_CONFIG from
Remember that the SDRAM clock is not started after a reset. It is started in the R_SDRAM_TIMING register.


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Subject: pcb test problem

    Now I am  using  the etrax 100lx to develope  access point.i have made a  pcb and read the document on step by step guide to development,such as get the developer running,install the SDK.
I am going to test my pcb,the problem is that the document above is related to the software,can you give me  advice or document on how to test my pcb? thanks!
    best regards!