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RE: Par Port


Sorry for the late reply. The parallel port driver shipped with 
2.4.19 uses the general parallel port framework. The parallel 
port is entirely controlled by software in this driver (i.e. 
the strobe is set and unset by software). The parallel port
framework probably has some setting for the strobe time but
you can't get very high performance using only software.
If you need better performance you should use a driver that
uses the hardware support in ETRAX 100LX. I have a skeleton
for an ECP driver that uses the hardware that I can send to you.


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I'm quite new in ETRAX development. I'd like to make an application
that will take data via lp0 and RS ports and send it using TCP/IP. I
faced with few problems.

For a fast data acquisition I am going to use lp0. I've downloaded a
2.4.19 kernel and a patch for it, enabled par port support and now I
am trying to send (just for beginning) some data using

   echo somedata >/dev/lp0

I can see the signals and the strobe by an oscilloscope the strobe is
2.5us, but the manual (chapter 14) says I could change it. I connected
ACK and BUSY signals to GND, so the "device" is always ready :)

So I've made the following

*R_PAR0_DELAY = 0;

in the initialisation routine in the arch/cris/driver/parport.c. But I
still have 2.5us strobe width.

Has anybody solved this problem?

Thank you.

Best regards,