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Re[2]: Par Port

Dear Mikael,

MS> Sorry for the late reply. The parallel port driver shipped with
MS> 2.4.19 uses the general parallel port framework. The parallel 
MS> port is entirely controlled by software in this driver (i.e. 
MS> the strobe is set and unset by software). The parallel port
MS> framework probably has some setting for the strobe time but
MS> you can't get very high performance using only software.

But I cannot understand how it works. There is the set of the registers
that controls par port device, and I thought that if I deal with these
registers I work directly with the HW. Does it work different way?
There is some microcode software that acts with the HW device, isn't

MS> If you need better performance you should use a driver that
MS> uses the hardware support in ETRAX 100LX. I have a skeleton
MS> for an ECP driver that uses the hardware that I can send to you.

I will be very happy if you would point me how to get the maximum
acquisition rate using ETRAX.

Thank you.

Best regards,