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RE: graphics libraries in C


I've just finished university and i too had a similar task for some course work.  We used a graphics library called Gloobs.. it's written in c++ though - but the dev board compiles c++ fine.  My program took temperature readings from a serial device and draw some thermometers and also a bar graph.

A quick search on google for "gloobs" will get you going

Another library written in C is called g2, but it's harder to work.

I'm sure there are plenty more, but these are just 2 i've used.


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Subject: graphics libraries in C

  i am using axis developer board. I want to generate 
images(on fly) with the data available from the
parallel port.

  using the captured data from the parallel port, i
have to make graph on the fly, which can be put in to
html document, so that i can see the graph through

is there any graphics libraries available which can
help in writing c program for making images???

Can any one suggest how to do the above task..???

i am student doing project using Axis developer board,

can anyone help me..

thanks in advance



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