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RE: Kernel oops on Etrax MCM

I don't have your code but from the oops traces you can find the following:

>Trace; c005a74a <mmu_bus_fault+28/30>
>Trace; c0073e8e <grabbing_enable+2c/58>
>Trace; c0074006 <capture_interrupt+34/be>

In this case grabbing_enable does some invalid memory access. 
It's hard to see exactly what goes wrong here. There is also
one interresting row missing in this dump. In the other dump
the first row looks like this:

<1>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000

This gives you a hint about what happens.

>Trace; c005a74a <mmu_bus_fault+28/30>
>Trace; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
>Trace; c00740f2 <capture_interrupt+1c/da>

capture_interrupt calls printk with some kind of invalid argument. 
A classic example is:

int a;
printk("%s", a);

In your example it looks like you may have done exactly that with
a = 1 (because r11=1)


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>How much memory is on the two boards? Do you only use the internal
> MCM RAM or have you added any external RAM?

On the prototype board we mounted ETRAX100LX + 8MB DRAM + 2MB Flash
On the final board we mounted ETRAX100LXMCM (and no external memory) with
the following settings:
    R_SDRAM_TIMING        0x80008002
    R_SDRAM_CONFIG    0x00601515

In order to by-pass the fault we have tested both the external DMAs (0 and
1), however the behaviour is the same.

> We can't do much with just a kernel oops trace. Please run
> it through ksymoops. From os/linux:

In attach you can find the output running ksymoops


S. Vicenzetto/Comerson