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R: Kernel oops on Etrax MCM

>How much memory is on the two boards? Do you only use the internal
> MCM RAM or have you added any external RAM?

On the prototype board we mounted ETRAX100LX + 8MB DRAM + 2MB Flash
On the final board we mounted ETRAX100LXMCM (and no external memory) with
the following settings:
    R_SDRAM_TIMING        0x80008002
    R_SDRAM_CONFIG    0x00601515

In order to by-pass the fault we have tested both the external DMAs (0 and
1), however the behaviour is the same.

> We can't do much with just a kernel oops trace. Please run
> it through ksymoops. From os/linux:

In attach you can find the output running ksymoops


S. Vicenzetto/Comerson
<4>Oops: 0002
<4>IRP: c0074006 SRP: c0073e8e DCCR: 00000428 USP: afffe54c MOF: 00000000
<4> r0: c00ea280  r1: c04b3fe4   r2: 00004000  r3: c055a1c0
<4> r4: ffffffe7  r5: affffd4d   r6: 00000009  r7: 00080870
<4> r8: 00000001  r9: 00000000  r10: c04b4000 r11: c04b4004
<4>r12: b0000028 r13: c00de980 oR10: c04b4000
<4>R_MMU_CAUSE: 00001100
<4>Process bus (pid: 70, stackpage=c0660000)
<4>Stack from afffe54c:
<4>       00080c8c 0000a000 00000003 00000000 affffe5c affffc01 00000001 00000005
<4>       00080870 affffe2d 00080794 affffd51 000818f2 affffb79 00000000 00000000
<4>       3ab91c10 00080ed6 00000001 0008074c 3aabec30 affffe94 3ab92fec fffb7900
<4>Call Trace:
<4>Stack from c0661de4:
<4>       c0006b00 c0661f24 c005a854 c005aa18 c04b4004 00000000 00000000 c01b069c
<4>       c00c4538 00000002 c0661ee0 c005aabe c0661ee0 c0612a34 c0006b00 c005c92c
<4>       00000001 00080870 00000009 affffd4d ffffffe7 c055a1c0 c0661ee0 c0674000
<4>Call Trace: [<c0006b00>] [<c005a854>] [<c005aa18>] [<c005aabe>] [<c0006b00>] [<c005c92c>] [<c0062c38>]
<4>       [<c005c728>] [<c005a74a>] [<c0073e8e>] [<c0074006>] [<c0073e8e>] [<c00723b2>] [<c00725f8>] [<c007313a>]
<4>       [<c00281be>] [<c005a64e>]
<4>Code: 00 40 4b c0 80 a2 0e c0 9c 12 76 8e (6f) 7e 62 3e 07 c0 64 a6 7b 86 b7 b9  

>>EIP; c0074006 <capture_interrupt+34/be>   <=====

>>IRP; c0074006 <capture_interrupt+34/be>
>>SRP; c0073e8e <grabbing_enable+2c/58>
>>IRP; c0074006 <capture_interrupt+34/be>
>>SRP; c0073e8e <grabbing_enable+2c/58>
>>r0; c00ea280 <channels+0/6c>
>>r1; c04b5fe4 <_end+38fc44/6d9c60>
>>r3; c055aac0 <_end+434720/6d9c60>
>>r10; c04b6000 <_end+38fc60/6d9c60>
>>r11; c04b6004 <_end+38fc64/6d9c60>
>>r13; c00de980 <port_g_data_shadow+0/4>
>>oR10; c04b6000 <_end+38fc60/6d9c60>

Trace; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
Trace; c005a854 <show_stack+0/f0>
Trace; c005aa18 <show_registers+d4/146>
Trace; c005aabe <die_if_kernel+34/46>
Trace; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
Trace; c005c92c <do_page_fault+200/2a8>
Trace; c000bb8c <timer_bh+224/266>
Trace; c0008da0 <bh_action+20/4a>
Trace; c0008cc6 <tasklet_hi_action+62/80>
Trace; c0008a7c <do_softirq+4c/94>
Trace; c005b542 <do_IRQ+80/84>
Trace; c0006a88 <emit_log_char+0/78>
Trace; c005ab60 <sIRQ2_interrupt+a/12>
Trace; c005c728 <handle_mmu_bus_fault+b4/b8>
Trace; c005a74a <mmu_bus_fault+28/30>
Trace; c0073e8e <grabbing_enable+2c/58>
Trace; c0074006 <capture_interrupt+34/be>
Trace; c0073e8e <grabbing_enable+2c/58>
Trace; c00723b2 <capture_grab_frame+6e/80>
Trace; c00725f8 <capture_streamon+a2/a8>
Trace; c007313a <webcam_ioctl+5dc/c66>
Trace; c00281be <sys_ioctl+1a2/1b4>
Trace; c005a64e <system_call+50/58>
Code;  c0073ffa <capture_interrupt+28/be>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code;  c0073ffa <capture_interrupt+28/be>
   0:   00 60 4b                  add    %ah,0x4b(%eax)
Code;  c0073ffd <capture_interrupt+2b/be>
   3:   c0 80 a2 0e c0 9c 12      rolb   $0x12,0x9cc00ea2(%eax)
Code;  c0074004 <capture_interrupt+32/be>
   a:   76 8e                     jbe    ffffff9a <_EIP+0xffffff9a> c0073f94 <do_transfer_DMA+da/118>
Code;  c0074006 <capture_interrupt+34/be>   <=====
   c:   6f                        outsl  %ds:(%esi),(%dx)   <=====
Code;  c0074007 <capture_interrupt+35/be>
   d:   7e 62                     jle    71 <_EIP+0x71> c007406b <capture_interrupt+99/be>
Code;  c0074009 <capture_interrupt+37/be>
   f:   3e                        ds
Code;  c007400a <capture_interrupt+38/be>
  10:   07                        pop    %es
Code;  c007400b <capture_interrupt+39/be>
  11:   c0 64 a6 7b 86            shlb   $0x86,0x7b(%esi,4)
Code;  c0074010 <capture_interrupt+3e/be>
  16:   b7 b9                     mov    $0xb9,%bh  
<1>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000
<4>Oops: 0002
<4>IRP: 00000030 SRP: c00740f2 DCCR: 00000428 USP: afffe19c MOF: 00000000
<4> r0: c00ea716  r1: c00ea738   r2: c0546038  r3: 00004000
<4> r4: c0006b00  r5: affffbb9   r6: fffffff7  r7: 00080870
<4> r8: 00000001  r9: 00894000  r10: 8f98ae6f r11: 00000001
<4>r12: ffffffff r13: b0000018 oR10: 8f98ae6f
<4>R_MMU_CAUSE: 00001101
<4>Process bus (pid: 71, stackpage=c0598000)
<4>Stack from afffe19c:
<4>       00080c8c 00028000 00000003 00000000 affffe6c affff851 00000001 0000000
<4>       00080870 affffe3d 00080794 affffbbd 000818f2 affff7c9 00000000 0000000
<4>       3ab91c10 00080ed6 00000001 0008074c 3aabec30 affffea4 3ab92fec fff7c90
<4>Call Trace:
<4>Stack from c0599dd4:
<4>       c0006b00 c0599f14 c005a854 c005aa18 00000001 00000000 00000000 c01b069
<4>       c00c4690 00000002 c0599ed0 c005aabe c0599ed0 c0612a34 c0006b00 c005c92
<4>       00000001 00080870 fffffff7 affffbb9 c0006b00 00004000 c0599ed0 c055000
<4>Call Trace: [<c0006b00>] [<c005a854>] [<c005aa18>] [<c005aabe>] [<c0006b00>]
[<c005c92c>] [<c0006b00>]
<4>       [<c0053831>] [<c005c728>] [<c005a74a>] [<c0006b00>] [<c00740f2>] [<c00
06b00>] [<c0073f40>] [<c00723bc>]
<4>       [<c007262c>] [<c0073186>] [<c00281be>] [<c005a64e>]
<4>Code:  Bad IP value.  

>>EIP; 00000030 Before first symbol   <=====
>>SRP; c00740f2 <capture_interrupt+1c/da>
>>SRP; c00740f2 <capture_interrupt+1c/da>
>>r0; c00ea716 <channels+36/6c>
>>r1; c00ea738 <channels+58/6c>
>>r2; c0546038 <_end+41fc98/6d9c60>
>>r4; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
Trace; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
Trace; c005a854 <show_stack+0/f0>
Trace; c005aa18 <show_registers+d4/146>
Trace; c005aabe <die_if_kernel+34/46>
Trace; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
Trace; c005c92c <do_page_fault+200/2a8>
Trace; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
Trace; c0053831 <jffs_rewrite_data+1cf/3d6>
Trace; c005c728 <handle_mmu_bus_fault+b4/b8>
Trace; c005a74a <mmu_bus_fault+28/30>
Trace; c0006b00 <printk+0/14c>
Trace; c00740f2 <capture_interrupt+1c/da>