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RE: 100MHz SDRAM clk

Run boot_linux -F -p from axis/devboard_lx to see if the values you have enterred is really used.
PS. Why do you need 100 MHz? The performance will probably not increase (because the internal
bus in ETRAX is 50 MHz anyway) and you will get more problems with EMI etc. DS.

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Subject: 100MHz SDRAM clk

Needed configuration:
1 Early wait
2 Late wait
Extended Write Cycle
Bus width = 16bit
SDRAM clk = 100MHz
sdram clk on pin /ras2 (A3)
Ram selected with /csr0 (D7)

Using the Etrax MCM
My current configuration is:
R_SDRAM_CONFIG = d27a7878
R_SDRAM_TIMING = 80005801
After configuring with the above values I still haven't got 100MHz out on the pin but just 50MHz. 
What do I need to do to get 100MHz?
Terje Pedersen
Jakob Hatteland Computer