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mcm_boot: "Bootloader corrupt..."


After having prepared a boot image (...make kernel...make images), when trying to boot an MCM-based board I get the following error message:

* size is 2710981 0x00295dc5
Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL - As DBG0 (default).
Bootloader corrupt. Should contain nops but dont. d3f3800

What does it means ? Do you see any obvious mistakes ?

My setup:

Host: Red Hat Linux 8.0
devboard sw: 2.1.0
Linux 2.4.14 (to be upgraded to 2.4.19 as soon as I get past this issue)
with MCM Patch

A similar setup works flawlessy on another development system.

I found the error message in this file:



    /* Ignore the first two nops */
    st.st_size -= 4;
    buf += 4;

    if (*(udword*)&buf[size_pos] != 0x050fb67f) {
      printf("Bootloader corrupt. Should contain nops but dont. %x\n", *(udword*)&buf[size_pos]);
    *(udword*)(&buf[size_pos]) = st.st_size - DATA_SIZE; /* How much data to load except data in
                                                            first packet. */
    if (db3) printf("Inserting boot size 0x%x at 0x%x.\n", (unsigned int)st.st_size - DATA_SIZE,
                    (unsigned int)&buf[size_pos]);

    if (*(udword*)&buf[addr_pos] != 0x050fb67f) {
      printf("Bootloader corrupt. Should contain nops but dont.\n");




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