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RE: /dev/gpiog ???? one bit??

There also is a data direction bit on Port G, bit 5. Test
to change that bit. Also check the return value from ioctl
to make sure that the driver is responding to your requests.

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I'm using /dev/gpiog, but I'm having problems.
When i test:

mask = 0xff << 8;
ioctl(devfd, _IO(ETRAXGPIO_IOCTYPE, IO_CLRBITS),mask);
ioctl(devfd, _IO(ETRAXGPIO_IOCTYPE, IO_SETBITS),mask);

I don't see change in my lp0 ( i have connected led's).
How can I change one bit of lp0?

I'm using kernel 2.4.19.


Antonio Redondo.