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RE: LCD timing


The LCD is a Displaytech 64128A (128x64, 1bpp -> 1byte = 8 pixel).
It has the following pins: Enable, Register select, Read/Write, Chip select
1/2, Reset an D0-D7.

My Idea is to write an mpeg player :-))) (of course this was a joke...) But
I would like to reach 10 fps maybe. At this speed 1 cycle = 100 ms, LCD
write =12ms -> more than 10% CPU time.

Basically, I plan to write the driver similar to framebuffer. Before I write
to LCD I will check the difference compare to earlier image and refresh only
the different bytes/area. I hope this will reduce the amount of bytes.

I made a mistake in the previous mail. Polling is not good because for
polling I need to read from LCD, and there are also ~10 us waiting is


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