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RE: cannot flash devboard

I order to flash upgrade using ftp, you need to make sure the new image has the
same partition table as the one running on the board. You can always upgrade or flash from scratch 
using ./flashit and ./flashitall however. What happens when you try to flash this
specific board?


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From: Akshay Adhikari [mailto:akshay@xxxxxxx.com]
Sent: den 22 november 2002 14:11
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Subject: cannot flash devboard

i had increased the size of the flash2 partition to 0x150000 from the
default of 0x050000 in ptablespec, and flashed several developer boards
using flashit. however, i flashed one box via ftp, and it never finished
flashing. so i tried to use flashit/flashitall again, but it doesnt work.
so now I have a box i just cannot flash. 

two questions:
-is there any other way i can flash the box at all?
-there were a few mails about ftp flash problems on the list, and it seems
that ftp flashing is a little flaky, in that if you use wrong options it
doesnt flash properly. so what is the correct way to ftp flash boxes?
do you have to use passive/non passive mode?