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Re: boot loader not working after reboot host - more info

> Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 15:10:29 -0500
> From: Dave Rovner <david.rovner1@xxxxxxx.net>

> Sometimes, I see the session with multiple transfers. Mostly, I see only one
> packet sent when I run ethereal on the session. The dest mac address of the
> packet sent to etrax does not match my etrax mac address listed via the
> serial number. The one in the packet is:
> 01:40:8c:00:01:00

You should see this for the first transmitted packet for *every*
attempted net boot.

> My serial number is
> 00:40:8c:5c:89:b7
> Has there been some corruption of the mac on axis? If so, how do i recover?

No, this is normal procedure.  If there's a problem, it is
elsewhere.  Note that the broadcast bit in the first octet of
the ethernet address is set to 1.  This makes the address a
group broadcast (I don't have the proper name for that here),
recognised by the on-chip boot-code as part of the net boot

brgds, H-P