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RE: boot loader not working after reboot host - more info

I have just re-installed the devboard software, the linux source, and
rebuilt all the images. When I try to run flashit - it hangs. My application
on the board is still present. Is there a special method to get back to some
factory defaults on the axis board, so I can rule out the board? And what
would the defaults be?


Dave Rovner

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On Sun, 2002-11-24 at 21:59, Dave Rovner wrote:
> I turned on the terminal login and df'd the system. It claims to have no
> room left in "flash3". Is this a problem?


> I can however access the board via http [i still have the boa enabled in
> inittab]. Is there a setting i can change through the home page by
> the file system that will help?


The boot loader uses the on-chip boot code and the content of the flash
will not affect the boot procedure. Since it worked fine until you
rebooted your PC the problem is probably on the PC side.