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Upgrade to 2.4.19


Has anyone else in the group had problems when upgrading from linux 2.4.14
to 2.4.19? I get errors when I attempt to compile the kernel. Some complaints
that I get while applying the supplied patches seem to refer to files in
Mikael Starvik's own directory that are not available. I skip over these
patches, but then the kernel compilation stops with errors before
completion. Has anyone else seen these problems (and fixed them)?

I need the 2.4.19 upgrade to use the new gpio functions.

On another note, when compiling the 2.4.14 kernel, I noticed that the default
configuration for the serial ports (on the development_lx board) is ports
0 and 3 enabled, 1 and 4 disabled. Shouldn't ports 0 and 1 be enabled?


Sam Silverstein