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dma 8 bit peripheral

I am putting a 8 bit wide NAND flash (Samsung) onto the ETRAX MMC chip. These have a data bus but no address bus as such (address is written via data bus). I would like to use DMA as these devices have a page mode where the internal address auto increments (512 Bytes circular) to transfer data to and from it in 512 byte blocks from 16 Bit SDRAM.
Could I connect as follows
CE#   CSR0,
ALE    Gen IO
CLE    Gen IO
D0-D7    D0-D7
Set access to speed to 50nS etc.
ETRAX DREQ    to ETRAX General IO pin
To use DMA use Burst Mode. Set DMA Counter to 512 bytes. Assert IO pin, DMA should continue until counter hits zero where DMA should stop. Unassert IO pin to unassert DREQ. Would this work, or could I set DREQ to permanently asserted and use DMA counter to start and stop it etc.