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Impossibility to flash via ethernet port

Hi there,

We develop our own card based on your chip ETRAX 100LX and we encountered
some problems with flashing ETRAX .
When we are trying to flash the axis ETRAX (using ./flashitall), the script
stays on message " and do nothing.
We've tested the script on the axis devboard and it works very well but on
our own card the script seems to not work.

We checked the network frames between the PC and our card and have
discovered only the first frame is send  (the first from the PC to the ETRAX
card).The ETRAX does'nt send any acknowledge frame as if it's never receive
the frame.
We use the Davicom DM9161 ethernet chip.We manage to capture after reseting
in Bootstrap mode, the 25 Mhz on TxEr ETRAX pin.
* The clock pins TxClk & RxClk are at 25 Mhz of frequency in 100Mbits mode
(and 2.5Mhz in the 10Mbits/s one).
* RxDV pin reach level 1 during the frame reception
* We see the data pass on the RxD[0:3] pin.
* RxEr remains to 0.
However, we see nothing ont the MII_Ten and TxD[0:3] pin.
The ETRAX seems to take in consideration the BS1 and BS2 state after the
reset : we've 25Mhz on TxEr only in Bootstrap mode.

- Could it be possible the ETRAX and the DM9161 are not compatible ?
- The ETRAX Bootcode could it be damaged by a solder process ?
- Could it be possible the ETRAX do not be able to recognize the Multicast
adress send by the PC any more ?

Please helpppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.