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RE: PortA interrupt busy?

acrh/cris/drivers/gpio.c does request_irq(PA_IRQ_NBR, ..., SA_SHIRQ | SA_INTERRUPT, ...)
This means that this driver has allocated the interrupt but also allows the interrupt to be
shared with other drivers. To be able to share this interrupt you must use exactly the
same flags in your request_irq e.g. SA_SHIRQ | SA_INTERRUPT.

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Subject: PortA interrupt busy?

A call to request_irq(11....  is returning -EBUSY and when I look at the /proc/interrupts its standing
11:            0 +  gpio PA
1. What does the + sign in the /proc/interrupts list mean?
2. What could be the reason its busy?
Kernel: 2.4.19
Etrax: MCM
Board: Custom
Terje Pedersen
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