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RE: DEVBOARD_BT and kernel 2.4.19


I have not tested bluetooth in the 2.4.19 release. I suggest
the following procedure:

1. Download 2.4.14 devboard release
2. Download 2.4.19 patch
3. Make a diff between the kernelconfigs in the two releases
4. Apply the diff on your old kernelconfig

Maybe this is exactly what you already have done?


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did anybody make any experiences with migrating the devboard_bt 
environment to kernel 2.4.19? 

We noticed that the devboard_bt kernelconfig differs very much to the 
lx-patches. We tried to build an own kernelconfig and wonder if somebody 
else did this before.
Everything seems to work fine by now except the serial console and the
module. We can live without serial console, but DEVBOARD_BT without
is mostly boring ...