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RE: open video0 trouble

please run ksymoops according to mail thread
to see where the crash occurs.


-----Original Message-----
From: Markus Nilsson [mailto:marnil-9@xxxxxxx.se]
Sent: den 28 november 2002 09:06
To: dev-etrax
Subject: open video0 trouble


I have succeeded conncting a philips 680  USB webcam wich is detected and
registered at character device dev/video0 and looks like:

crw-rw-rw-    1 root     sys        81,   0 Jan  1  1970 video0

But when I try to do a simple open() (A simple open() works fine on a Linux PC)
on video0, dev-board crashes with this message:

Out of Memory: Killed process 67 (boa).
Oops: bitten by watchdog
IRP: 6005d2b4 SRP: 60019754 DCCR: 00000400 USP: 4ffffea8 MOF: ffffe0ec
 r0: 0000003e  r1: 000004a0   r2: b0000258  r3: b000025c
 r4: b0000254  r5: 1abbc000   r6: 60329778  r7: 4052e0d0
 r8: 1abbc000  r9: 0000000d  r10: 1abbc03f r11: 1abbc000
r12: 00000028 r13: 7012e00d oR10: 1abbc03f
R_MMU_CAUSE: 1ab0903b
Process boa (pid: 67, stackpage=60518000)

Stack from 4ffffea8:
       1abc3610 00000000 1aabec30 4ffffef4 1abc0fec 7fffffff 1abc0fec 1ab08a26
       00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00081b78 1aabe6d4 00081ba4
       00087de8 1aab5f8c 4ffffef0 4fffff97 4fffffa0 4fffffa3 00000000 4fffffae
Call Trace: [<7fffffff>] [<70747468>] [<73752f3d>] [<7273752f>] [<752f3a6e>]
Stack from 60519c68:
       60008398 60519ce4 60059d62 60059ec6 1abbc000 ffffe0ec b0000254 b000025c
       b0000258 000004a0 60519ca0 60059f52 0000003e 60059c0c 00000000 1abbc03f
       7012e00d 00000028 1abbc000 1abbc03f 0000000d 1abbc000 4052e0d0 60329778
Call Trace: [<60008398>] [<60059d62>] [<60059ec6>] [<60059f52>] [<60059c0c>]
[<7012e00d>] [<60019754>]
       [<6005d2b4>] [<60019b6c>] [<60019d60>] [<60019db8>] [<60020f34>] [<60021256>]
[<6003bd44>] [<6003bc9c>]
       [<6001aa16>] [<6003c41e>] [<6001444a>] [<60014492>] [<60015762>] [<6001247a>]
[<600125ea>] [<6005d042>]
       [<6002ba24>] [<6005938a>] [<6005cf08>] [<60059b82>]
Code: 7f 0d 5c 02 00 b0 ea ab 72 8a 01 c2 (cf) cc 3f 00 cf d0 0f 05 31 56 7f b6

I don't get an ordinary ERROR message ("couldn't open()" or something),
dev-board just hang.

Does anybody know how to open() such device?