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RE: User Memory available

On a standard developer board with 2_1_0 firmware the available memory is:
~250KB in kernel partition (flash)
~150KB in JFFS partition (flash)
~3000KB RAM 
Note that when loading directly to RAM (with ktest) you will have less memory
available (~2100 KB) because all applications reside in memory instead of 
being paged to flash.
Also note that your applications can malloc much more memory than available 
but they can of course not use more than available.
When designing a new card with MCM or ETRAX 100LX it is a very good idea to
prepare for more memory. Software developers tend to fill up everything they get.

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Could anybody tell me how much Flash and SDRAM is available for applications in the new MCM chip. I am trying to decide whether I need external SDRAM as well